Missional Community Planter George Saylor shared the message this past Sunday after reading from I Corinthians 12 and II Corinthians 5.  In this teaching, George invited those gathered to look to the ecclesial center and to demonstrate a life and ministry of faithful presence in the middle of Formation (Up), Community (In), and Mission (Out) activities. In this journey, all present were challenged to enter the "tunnel of chaos" that leads to change and growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  To hear or download this time of celebration, go to Messages Online.    

On Sunday, October 26 Dan Leewaye will teach from Mark 4:26-34 and Acts 2:42-47 as we continue in this series involving the New Parish: How neighboring churches are Transforming Mission, Discipleship, and Community.  A time of interactive group discussion will be facilitated at 11am following our time of gathered worship Please join us for a cup of fair trade coffee or tea as we gather for worship at 9:15am.  

This week's Senior Access gathering is an OUT gathering - join us at 10:00 as Pam Funicello 
facilitates a time of service as we bless those outside the the extended family as we make sandwiches for distribution by the Volunteers of America.  

This month's Mission & Vision focus is on: The New Parish.  To learn more, go to Mission & Vision in Focus.