On Palm Sunday we heard a teaching from Pastor Jeff Allen from Mark 10:17-31 entitled What Must I do?  In this teaching time, Pastor Jeff invited us to consider the many situational challenges that unfolded during Holy Week as well as to consider what God might be saying to us today.  To hear or download this message, go to Sermons Online.  

Please join us as we experience a Holy Week movement of music and messages leading up to our resurrection celebration on Easter Sunday.  Our Holy Week services will be on:


  • Good Friday April 18 / 7:00pm
  • Easter Sunday April 20:
    • 8:00am / Sunrise Celebration in the Prayer Garden
    • 8:45am / Brunch in the Fellowship Hall
    • 9:30am / Resurrection Celebration in the Worship Center

Please join us prior to gathered Worship at 9:15am for a cup of fair trade coffee or tea. 

This month's Mission & Vision focus is on: UNFinished:  Believing is Only the Beginning. To learn more, go to Mission & Vision in Focus.