Pastor Jeff Allen this past Sunday shared a third message from the Gospel of John having to do with the subject of judgment.  In the message entitled Glorifying the Father, Jesus in John 9:1-12 this time addresses the questions of the twelve as it relates to a man blind from birth as he brings glory to the Father through the light that is in the world.  To hear or download this teaching, go to Sermons Online.  


Next Sunday our text will be from John 10:1-21 as we hear the teaching regarding the Good Shepherd.  Please join us for a cup of fair trade coffee or tea prior to gathered worship which begins at 9:30am.

This week's Senior Access gathering will focus on our relationships INside the extended family on mission. Please join us this week Thursday from 10am - noon as Irma Karnes leads a time of fun and fellowship with a host of dancing guests. 

This month's Mission & Vision focus is on: Making Disciples who are growing Up, In, and Out. To learn more, go to Mission & Vision in Focus.