This past Sunday at Faith Community Church was truly an amazing time together as "an extended family on mission".  In addition to the movement of the Holy Spirit preparing our hearts, we also experienced the Holy Spirit in message through the teaching time offered in John 10:1-21 entitled Good Shepherd by Pastor Jeff Allen.  As a part of the teaching, we not only were invited to celebrate the comfort and caregiving nature of this text, but were also challenged as the religious leaders of our own day to reach out to the next generation as shared in Addie Zierman's article the 5 churchy phrases that are scaring off millennials To hear or download this teaching, go to Sermons Online.  


Next Sunday, in addition to celebrating the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, our teaching will be from John 11:38-44 as we hear the teaching regarding the Seeing the Glory of God.  Please join us for a cup of fair trade coffee or tea prior to gathered worship which begins at 9:30am.

This week's Senior Access gathering will be an OUT gathering as we put together hygiene kits in preparation for this coming winters severe weather season. 

This month's Mission & Vision focus is on: Making Disciples who are growing Up, In, and Out. To learn more, go to Mission & Vision in Focus.