Over the recent weeks we have been considering the power of God's holy, inspired, inerrant and infallible word in the messages entitled Trusting God's Word and Celebrating God's Word.  This past Sunday, we looked to four sections of Psalm 119 hearing stories celebrating God's Word and presence with us through our various journeys of faith - speaking and helping us to hear the heart of our heavenly Father … and encouraging us forward in faith as we respond and follow with confident expectation of God's provision of the very best for his beloved children. To hear or download this teaching, go to Messages Online.  

This week, Pastor Jeff will provide the third of three messages on the blessing of Holy Scripture in the message Living God's Word from James 4, Matthew 7, and Mark 1.  Those interested in learning more about being a disciple of Jesus Christ are invited to join the 11:00am EXPLORE Class in the Library / Study. Join us each Sunday at 9:15am as we gather for Worship and share a cup of fair trade coffee or tea - Gathered Worship begins at 9:30am.