In this Sunday's teaching, Pastor Jeff Allen focused on Jesus' preparation for the hand-off of the baton of kingdom ministry to his disciples as reflected in John 14:27-15:17.  In addition to words of comfort and peace, Jesus spoke of the fruit producing pruning of the Father and the significance of the disciples connection to the vine. A connection that speaks to the needs of our spiritual health in the areas of Strength, Stamina, Recovery, and Flexibility.  To hear or download this teaching, go to Sermons Online.  


This coming Saturday, Faith Community Church will be the host site for the Leadership Forum On the Frontline of the Kingdom - Up, In, and Out of the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America.  Space is still available - contact LynnAnn Huizingh to register.  On Sunday, Pastor Russ Ooms from the Fathers House will share the message  from John 16.  Please join us for a cup of fair trade coffee or tea prior to gathered worship which begins at 9:30am. 

Join us this Thursday from 10:00am to Noon at Senior Access. In this week's ACCESS gathering, "The Bear" will answer questions and share information with seniors on Health Care.      

This month's Mission & Vision focus is on: Making Disciples who are growing Up, In, and Out. To learn more, go to Mission & Vision in Focus.