During our Kingdom Moments this past Sunday, gifts were presented from our children's ministry to a team of eight folks who will be journeying to southern India in partnership with Mission Partners India.  As a part of this commissioning, Paul Milroy and the team from Giving Heart in Englewood laid hands on the team praying for protection and direction as they bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.  During our time of teaching, Pastor Jeff Allen continued the Family on Mission teaching series with the message entitled Experiencing Rejection.  In this message, Jeff shared from Luke 4 as well as Mark 3 about the rejection Jesus himself experienced and what Jesus did in the redefining and the rebuilding of extended family on mission. To hear or download this teaching, go to Messages Online.   

This coming Sunday, Pastor Jeff will teach on Family Reconciliation / Jesus Style as we look again to Mark 3 and Matthew 18.  Please join us prior to gathered Worship at 9:15am for a cup of fair trade coffee or tea.  Following gathered Worship at 11:00am, an interactive discussion time involving the Tales of the Kingdom will be provided.  

To learn more about the Family on Mission Series, go to Mission & Vision in Focus.