Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Faith Community Church celebrated Pentecost with the message The Church Un-Leashed from Acts 2.  Pastor Jeff shared about the blessings of the good news of Jesus Christ being heard in a language that all could understand - providing a parallel to the upcoming launch of APEX Church onsite on September 13 at 11:00am.  To hear or download this teaching, go to Messages Online. To learn more, go to our Cultivating Vision and New Arrival webpages.

Beginning on Sunday May 31, we will begin our summer journey through the Psalms as APEX Church planter George Saylor shares the message Two Roads Diverged from Psalm 1.  

Join us each Sunday at 9:15am as we gather for Worship and share a cup of fair trade coffee or tea - Gathered Worship begins at 9:30am.     

Preparing for a New Arrival - Summer 2015

APEX Church and our Cultivating Vision